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【#英语资源# 导语】时光流逝,岁月匆匆,我们经历了无数的事情,每一件都是精彩的,有的却独特且难忘。以下是爱蒂文库网为大家整理的内容,欢迎阅读参考。


  The sky of memory is full of small stars, some big and some bright, and the most beautiful one falls on my hand, which is my best memory.

  On Thursday afternoon, our class was nervous and excited, and everyone jumped up like crazy, because we were about to usher in the song competition before class. This was scored by the headmaster himself. And I was sitting in the first row, and the principal was the first to see it. The pressure was like Mount Tai on me. Before the game, I practiced my actions and lyrics repeatedly until every action and lyrics were deeply engraved in my mind.

  Finally it's our turn to play. One by one, we held our heads high and walked on the stage with neat steps. The commander bowed deeply to the headmaster. The familiar melody sounded in our ears: "red scarf, float, float, team flag flutter and shine." we sang with a loud voice, making everyone feel the joy of this song. When singing, I secretly glanced at the guests in the audience and found that they were all squinting and smiling, intoxicated with this vibrant song.

  After singing the song, we exited orderly. The music teacher beside us gave us a thumbs up. When practicing, she was most worried about our class. She was always afraid that we would forget our words or actions as soon as we came on stage. Other teachers also said to our Fu teacher, "your class sings very well!" We were all happy.

  Although it has been a few months since this incident, looking back on the scene at that time, I feel that the hard rehearsal was not in vain, which also made me understand that unity is strength, and if we work together, we will succeed.


  That afternoon, I was sitting leisurely by the window reading. Suddenly, a small bug fell to the window.

  It was a small insect with dark body, six feet and a pair of transparent wings. It probably flew for a long time and was tired, so it stopped by the window to have a rest. I've never seen such a bug before. Out of the curiosity of the child, I decided to test it.

  I first brought a toothpick and poked it. It didn't move. Is it dead? I stabbed it with a toothpick. It moved. It probably woke up from pain. It crawls hard by the window. Can't it fly? I decided to do another deep test - turn it over.

  Just do it. In order not to stab it anymore, I specially changed my toothpick into a cotton swab. I pushed its body with a cotton swab and turned it over carefully. well! All right! It changed from the original back up and bottom down to the opposite position. I put down the cotton swab and prepared to see how it turned over. At first, its six legs kept shaking, as if looking for something to catch. Its body kept struggling and wanted to turn over, but it couldn't turn over by any means.

  Alas, man, give up. You can't succeed, I think. Suddenly, something surprised me: it seemed to understand my inner thoughts, and its body struggled and twisted desperately, and its six feet kept fluttering in the air. Suddenly, it turned over with force, finally turned over, took a short rest, and then flapped its powerful wings and flew out. I sat there blankly for a long time. When he came back to his senses, the bug had already flown without a trace.

  This little bug's efforts to save himself gave me a great shock and Enlightenment: in life, we should persevere, never give up, and don't be intimidated by a little difficulty. Only when you stick to it and don't give up can you take off successfully.


  Since I began to remember, many things have happened, some of which have gradually faded away, but there is one thing I have always remembered.

  I remember that it was a National Day holiday when I was in second grade. The whole family came to my grandmother's house. My mother suggested, "let's eat dumplings today!" Everyone agreed.

  So we started a family mobilization activity - making dumplings. The mother said, "baby, come and learn to make dumplings!" Although I said excitedly, "well, I've always wanted to learn!" But in my heart, I didn't think so. I thought: what's so rare about making dumplings? Isn't it a matter of putting some stuffing and pinching? It's no big deal. So I looked at my father who was making dumplings with disdain and said, "what's the big deal? I'm better than you. Don't believe it? You'll see!"

  With that, I picked up a dumpling skin, put a big piece of stuffing like a brain, and squeezed it hard, "ah, what's so sticky!" I frowned and shouted, and everyone was startled. It turned out that I put too much stuffing and broke the dumpling skin. Dad laughed. At this time, my face suddenly turned red, and my tears rolled in my eyes, almost flowing out. Just now, the energy was gone, like a leaking ball. I was really ashamed. If there was a seam in the ground, I would definitely get in.

  Seeing this, my father was afraid that I would be too embarrassed, so he hurried to help me out: "don't laugh at us, our baby is not stupid in fact, it's easy to teach, isn't it?" Dad turned around and winked at me. I hurriedly said to Dad, "Dad, come and teach me!" Dad smiled and nodded. This time I was serious. I looked carefully at my father's moves. My father's left hand was semicircular, his right hand picked up the dumpling skin and put it on his left hand, then picked up chopsticks and put a little stuffing, and his right hand skillfully squeezed the skin. A semicircular dumpling appeared in dad's hand. At this time, my father said, "it's your turn." I was very nervous. My father told me not to be nervous, but I was still nervous, thinking: can I wrap it this time? If I can't wrap it well, my father has to help me out again. Will everyone say I'm stupid?

  My father seemed to see my mind and said to me earnestly, "it doesn't matter. If the bag is broken, you can learn. Who will be born!" My father's words made me more courageous. I imitated my father's appearance. When my father fell down, I finally made a semicircular dumpling. My face laughed and my heart was sweeter than honey.

  This is the most unforgettable thing for me. Because I know that I can't be conceited about anything. Be modest, ask others for advice when you encounter something you don't understand, and don't pretend to understand.

  Since then, I have never been proud.


  In the years when I grew up, I have seen many people who moved me, but the one who most affected me was a heroic mother who gave up her life and saved the safety of her children in the 5.12 earthquake. I think she will always stay in my childhood memory and accompany me forever. When the rescuers found her, she was dead and crushed by the collapsed house. Through the gap of the pile of ruins, we can see her dead posture, kneeling on both knees and supporting her body with both hands. Rescuers reached into the gap of the ruins and confirmed that she was dead. They shouted at the ruins again and knocked on the bricks with crowbars. There was no response inside.

  When the crowd came to the next building, the rescue team leader suddenly ran back, shouting "come here quickly" as he ran. He came to her body again, laboriously reached under the woman's body and groped. He touched it a few times and shouted loudly, "someone, there is a child, still alive.". After some efforts, people carefully cleared away the ruins that blocked her. Under her body lay her child, wrapped in a red quilt with yellow flowers, about 3 or 4 months old. Because of the protection of her mother's body, he was unharmed. When he was held out, he was still sleeping quietly, and his sleeping face made all the people present feel very warm. The accompanying doctor came to untie the quilt for some examination and found a mobile phone stuffed in the quilt. The doctor subconsciously looked at the mobile phone screen and found that there was a written message on the screen: "dear baby, if you can live, you must remember that I love you".

  An ordinary mother, one of hundreds of millions of parents, did not hesitate to sacrifice her life to protect her son in the face of merciless natural disasters. This is the miracle of life and the power of love. In the face of the merciless attack of nature, love makes our world full of warmth and makes people full of hope and confidence in the future.


  There have been many happy things and many sad things before. There are joy and sorrow, joy and tears. However, the most unforgettable thing for me is that.

  One Saturday morning, my father and mother went to Xiangyang to buy me a bike. Because it was far from home, in order to transport the bike home safely, my father, with the consent of the bus driver, moved the bike into the bus and arrived at the station. Dad took the bike out of the car and pushed it into the basketball court of our family courtyard. He parked it for me to ride.

  At first, my mother helped me ride slowly. After a circle, I felt good. I asked my mother to let go and let me ride by myself. I didn't expect that as soon as my mother let go, I rode askew and almost hit someone else's car. I was so afraid that I almost didn't dare to ride again. The father on the side saw my mind and said, "I'll teach you.". My father came to me and told me, "when riding a bike, you should look in front of you and don't look down. Before riding a bike, you should step on the right board and the left board; when turning a corner, you should turn slowly, and if you turn quickly, it's easy to fall.". After listening to this, I thought for a moment, and then returned to the original place to start riding again. This time, after listening to my father's advice, I really rode a little more steadily than before, but occasionally deviated a little. After a few minutes, I was able to ride a few laps in a row. Time passed so quickly that it was afternoon in the blink of an eye. My mother said, "it's getting late. Let's practice tomorrow." I reluctantly put down my bike and finally went home.

  I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I don't know what "unforgettable" things there are tomorrow.


  "I have written it!" My mother and I had a fierce battle at home. My mother didn't believe that my homework had been finished at school, but I didn't bring back the qualified homework. My mother and I are in the middle of the cold war, and no one wants to say a word to each other.

  The next morning, my mother still had a gloomy face, and I walked into school unhappily. When I came to the class, I began to look in the drawer for the homework that had been written and the teacher also corrected the date. Finally, I found it. Looking at the bright red checkmarks on it, let alone how proud I was! After a morning of intense study, in the fourth class hour, the teacher also sent a text message to praise those of us who have completed our homework. As soon as the teacher sent the message, I thought to myself, "great, the teacher praised me, and I'll tell my mother when I get home!"

  As soon as school was over, I came home happily. My mother smiled at me first, which seemed so unnatural. Finally, my mother seemed to feel unnatural, so she said to me, "sorry, son, it was my mother who was wrong yesterday. I don't believe your homework has been completed. Can you forgive me?" Mother apologized sincerely like a child. WOW! Generally, children apologize to their parents, but my mother apologized to me! My eyes widened, as if everything around me was still, motionless. After holding for half a minute like this, my brain began to work rapidly again, so I said to my mother, "it's all right. I was wrong yesterday. I shouldn't yell at you like that. Mom, I forgive you!" My mother smiled brightly at me, just like the warm sunshine shining on me!

  Maternal love is the greatest in the world!


  In life, there are many things that we can't forget. Some move us, some make us happy, and some benefit us all our lives. I clearly remember something that happened in grade and.

  That afternoon, the art teacher asked us to go home and draw a bird and a willow tree.

  When I got home, I took out my paper and pen and began to draw. I drew the willow first, but when I didn't pay attention, I drew the branches thicker than the trunk. There was no way, so I tore the paper easily; I picked up my pen again and redrawn. Although there was no mistake last time, the tip of the pen crossed and cut the paper in half, so I tore off the paper without hesitation. At this time, my mother just saw it and hurried over to say, "you can't tear it, you can't tear it. Do you know how paper is made?" I shook my head. My mother said, "papermaking requires a lot of water and electricity, as well as wood. Therefore, we should pay attention to saving." I said, "never mind, we still have a lot of paper." My mother didn't care about saving when she saw me. Then he told me the story of magic pen Ma Liang: Once upon a time, there was a child named Ma Liang. His family was very poor and had no money to buy paper and pens, but Ma Liang liked painting very much. When he went to fetch firewood, he used branches to draw birds flying in the sky on the ground; When he went fishing, he used water plants to draw fish swimming in the water on the beach; When at home, draw what you see. Finally, Ma Liang became a painter. After listening to it, I felt very sad and felt that I was really too wasteful. Mother said, "just know it's wrong, and you must pay attention in the future."

  Although this matter has passed for a long time, it has left a deep mark in my heart. Through this, I have formed the good habit of thrift in all aspects of life.


  There are many stars floating in the sky of my memory, but one star is the most unforgettable and brightest in the sky of my memory.

  It was my 10th birthday. I invited my good friend Xiao Fang to my home to celebrate my birthday with me. I took the Barbie doll my mother bought for me in Shanghai to Xiao Fang to play with, and then went to the kitchen to help my mother wash the dishes. When I finished washing the dishes, I went to the living room to play with Xiao Fang. I found something unusual about Xiao Fang and asked, "Xiao Fang, what are you doing?" Xiao Fang hid her small hands behind her. I thought, "Xiao Fang, won't you break my Barbie doll?" As expected, naughty Xiaofang broke my Barbie doll's hand. I was so angry that I raised my fist like hitting her. When I raised my fist, I remembered a sentence my mother often said: "endure the wind and the waves for a moment, and take a step back." I put my raised fist down and looked into Xiao Fang's sorry eyes, and my resentment was thrown out of the sky. Said, "Xiao Fang, I'm sorry, I shouldn't scold you." Xiao Fang said, "sorry, I shouldn't break your Barbie doll's hand." I said, "it doesn't matter. I asked my mother to connect this Barbie doll's hand and give it to you, OK?" Xiao Fang said, "thank you. Not only do you not blame me, but you also gave me Barbie dolls. You are really my good friend. We shouldn't affect our friendship because of some small things, right?" I said, "we will always be good friends, and we also need to be a pair of good friends who are tolerant of each other.

  This star is my most unforgettable, because it taught me how to learn tolerance, so I should cherish this star.


  In one's life, there are many unforgettable things, and the one I most unforgettable is that.

  I deeply remember that it was a cool evening. Our road team walked on the country road. We talked and laughed all the way, and the air was filled with our laughter. But at that moment, the air seemed to freeze. We looked up and looked at the bridge in surprise. In a corner of the bridge, we saw a figure in distress - a weather beaten old man.

  The team immediately became quiet, and the road captain said in surprise, "why is there an old man on the bridge?"

  "He's so pathetic." I can't help sighing.

  "Sister, I have a few sweets here. We might as well give them to him." My brother looked at me naively.

  At that moment, my heart was touched. A lucky person has the responsibility to care for the unlucky. The road captain and I climbed the steep hill resolutely. We saw the old man staggering down the bridge. We rushed to him.

  His eyes became dull and confused. I smiled and said, "Grandpa, this is some sugar. Please take it."

  His eyes were a little red, and the wrinkles on his face immediately stretched out. He said "thank you" with a smile. At that moment, I had an unspeakable feeling in my heart. I stared at the sky and fell into deep meditation

  Although I have never met the old man again, this unforgettable thing will always be remembered in my heart and will never be forgotten.


  Time flies like an arrow, the sun and the moon are fleeting. In a blink of an eye, I was 11 years old. Recall the past events on the road of my growth, which have been gradually forgotten with the flow of years. But the first time I learned to swim, I couldn't forget it for a long time.

  That year, my mother decided to let me learn swimming in order to make my body grow stronger.

  Although there are thousands and tenthousand unwilling in my heart, I still have to obey orders and obey commands.

     That afternoon, I followed my mother to the swimming pool with curiosity and nervousness. My mother bought me beautiful swimsuits, caps and goggles. After entering the women's dressing room and changing clothes, I walked around the corner and saw a swimming pool 50 meters long and 25 meters wide. Many children younger than me also came to learn swimming. Looking at their happy appearance, my mood also relaxed a lot, thinking that they could swim so easily when they were younger than me. I secretly decided to surpass their level.

  My coach's surname is Lei. He is a tall and strong teacher. At the beginning, coach Lei taught us the methods of floating and breathing: relax and lean forward; Inhale with your head up and exhale in the water. After practicing on the shore for about half an hour, the coach pushed us into the water and let us practice by ourselves in the water. As soon as I relaxed, I became nervous again, and my hands and feet kept shaking. "Huhuhuhuhu" I paddled continuously in the water, closed my eyes and struggled hard. I choked my nose for several saliva and didn't dare to rub my nose. Just struggle. After struggling for several minutes, I looked up and looked at "doubt? Why haven't I moved my nest for half a day." at this time, the coach came up and said to me with a smile: "it's not possible to just pedal hard, you have to use both hands and feet, and pay attention to coordination. In order to swim fast and far!"

  At this time, my mother also came over to me and said, "don't lose heart, come on! Work hard." After listening to the coach and mother, my confidence increased, so I listened to the coach's slogan: "close, turn, push, clip." I began to practice. First, I stretched out my hands and pulled out my feet at the same time, and then I pulled my hands back to do a prayer and put my feet back at the same time. Just practice it again and again. I feel that my actions in the water are slowly coordinated, and my speed is slowly improving. I am so happy that I finally learned to swim, oh yeah! This day is really tiring, but my heart is as sweet as honey, because I not only learned to swim, but also learned a truth: if I want to find coral and agate, I have to go to the sea; If you want to find gems and Jasper, you have to climb thousands of rivers and mountains.

  I'll never forget learning to swim for the first time.



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