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【#英语口语# 导语】学好英语,听说读写是关键。尤其是英语听力,学生往往难以真正学好听力,归根结底还是平时的练习不够。下面是爱蒂文库网分享的简单的英语文章听力精选。欢迎阅读参考!




  Global warming may or not be the great environmental crisis of the 21st century, but―regardless of weather it is or isn't― we won't do much about it. We will argue over it and may even, as a nation, make some fairly solemn-sounding commitments to avoid it. But the more dramatic and meaningful these commitments seem, the less likely they are to be observed.


  Al Gore calls global warming an “inconvenient truth,” as if merely recognizing it could put in on a path to a solution. But the real truth is that we don't know enough to believe global warming, and ― with our major technological breakthroughs ― we can't do much about it.

  Al Gore 称全球变暖是一个“让人感到麻烦的事实”,似乎只要认识到它的存在就可以把我们带往一条解决问题的途经上去。但是真正的事实是,我们没有掌握足够的知识去缓解全球变暖,并且如果没有重大的技术突破,我们对此也束手无策。

  No government will adopt rigid restrictions on economic growth and personal freedom (limits on electricity usage, driving and travel)that might cut back global warming. Still, politicians want to show they're “doing something”. Consider the Kyoto Protocol. It allowed countries that joined to punish those that didn't. But it hasn't reduced CO? emissions (up about 25% since 1990), and many signatories didn't adopt tough enough policies to hit their 2008 ― 2012 targets.


  The practical conclusion is that if global warming is a potential disaster, the only solution is new technology. Only an aggressive research and development program might find ways of breaking our dependence on fossil fuels or dealing with it.


  The trouble with the global warming debate is that it has become a moral problem when it's really engineering one. The inconvenient truth is that if we don't solve the engineering problem, we're helpless.



  1. solemn adj.严肃的,庄重的

  eg:His solemn little face broke into smiles.



  solemn promise 庄严 ; 誓言 ; 郑重 ; 庄严的誓言

  solemn profession 终身圣愿 ; 隆重终身圣愿

  solemn serious 岸然

  2. commitment n. ,托付

  eg: They made a commitment to peace.



  commitment fee 承担费;费;承约费

  loan commitment 贷款;货款;放款;贷款委托书

  Service commitment 服务;效劳许诺

  Management commitment 管理;管理委员会;管理的

  Commitment Document 文件

  3. dramatic adj. 引人注目的,戏剧性的

  eg: Their arrival was dramatic and exciting.



  Dramatic Lyrics 戏剧抒情诗;诗剧抒怀诗

  Dramatic Arts 戏剧艺术

  Dramatic Writing 编剧;话剧写作

  dramatic rights 改编权

  4. observe v. 遵守,观察

  eg: Everyone should observe the law.



  witness observe 目睹 ; 目击

  observe silence 默哀

  observe things 观察事物 ; 观察东西

  observe that 对某人说

  5. breakthrough n. 突破

  eg: Scientists have made a breakthrough in their treatment of that disease.



  breakthrough point 切入点;突破点

  breakthrough time 突破时间

  technological breakthrough 技术突破

  6. aggressive adj. 进取的,攻击性强的

  eg: The dogs are trained to be aggressive.



  aggressive mode 积极模式;主动模式;挑战模式;激进模式

  aggressive active 积极主动

  aggressive Driving 侵略性驾驶;攻击性驾驶

  7. fossil fuel 矿物燃料

  eg: Coal is usually referred to as a fossil fuel.



  Fossil-Fuel Resources Utilization in China 中国能源资源消费及其经济性分析

  fossil-fuel power station 火力发电厂

  fossil-fuel boiler 化石燃料锅炉


  We will argue over it and may even, as a nation, make some fairly solemn-sounding commitments to avoid it. But the more dramatic and meaningful these commitments seem, the less likely they are to be observed.




  When you open a container of yogurt, you’ll often see liquid collected on top. Some people mix it back into the yogurt, and others drain it off. What is it, and where does it come from?
  To solve the mystery of the liquid in yogurt, let’s take a few steps back, to the milk that yogurt is made of. Milk has two different types of proteins. Most of the proteins are casein proteins, and the rest are whey proteinsCof curds and whey fame.
  If you look at a glass of milk, you can’t tell the casein from the whey. But that changes when special bacteria are added to milk to make yogurt. Yogurt-producing bacteria ferment the sugars in milk and produce an acid. As a result, the mixture is more acidic than before, and this higher acidity solidifies the casein proteins. The whey proteins, on the other hand, don’t solidify, and separate out from the casein as liquid.
  单单看一杯牛奶,我们是无法从中分辨出酪蛋白和乳清的。但是往牛奶中加入特殊的细菌来制作酸奶时,情况就不一样了。制作酸奶用的细菌会发酵牛奶中的糖并制 成酸。因此,混合物比之前更酸,更高的酸度使得酪蛋白凝固。而另一方面,乳清蛋白则不会凝固,它会从酪蛋白中以液体的形式分离出来。
  Yogurt you buy in the store has a stabilizer, usually fruit pectin, to keep the solid casein and liquid whey mixed together. But some of the whey still separates out from the casein, and that’s what you see when you open the yogurt container.
  Whey contains not only proteins but also B vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin, and thiamin, which can’t be found in the solid portion of the yogurt. Because of the nutritional value of whey, your best bet is to mix it back into the rest of the yogurt, then gobble it down!


  An Identity of One's Own

  In the eternal universe, every human being has a one-off chance to live---his existence is unique and irretrievable, for the mold with which he was made, as Rousseau said, was broken by God immediately afterwards.

  Fame, wealth and knowledge are merely worldly possessions that are within the reach of anybody striving for them. But your experience of and feelings about life are your own and not to be shared. No one can live your life over again after your death. A full awareness of this will point out to you that the most important thing in your existence is your distinctive individuality or something special of yours. What really counts is not your worldly success but your peculiar insight into the meaning of life and your commitment to it, which add luster to your personality.

  It is not easy to be what one really is. There is many a person in the world who can be identified as anything ---either his job, his status or his social role---that shows no trace about his individuality. It does do him justice to say that he has no identity of his own, if he doesn't know his own mind and all his things are either arranged by others or done on others' suggestions; if his life, always occupied by external things, is completely void of an inner world. You won't be able to find anything whatever, from head to heart, that truly belongs to him. He is, indeed, no more than a shadow cast by somebody else or a machine capable of doing business.






  Man and Nature
  The intimacy between man and Nature began with the birth of man on the earth, and becomes each century more intelligent and far reaching. To Nature, therefore, we turn as to the oldest and mostinfluential teacher of our race; from one point of view once our task master, now our servant; from another point of view, our constant friend, instructor and inspirer. The very intimacy of this relation robs it of a certain mystery and richness which it would have for all minds if it were the reward of the few instead of being the privilege of the many. To the few it is, in every age, full of wonder and beauty; to the many it is a matter of course. The heavens shine for all, but they have a changingsplendor to those only who see in every midnight sky a majesty of creative energy and resource which no repetition of the spectacle can dim. If the stars shone but once in a thousand years, men would gaze, awe struck and worshipful, on a vision which is not less but more wonderful because it shines nightly above the whole earth. In like manner, and for the same reason, we become indifferent to that delicately beautiful or sublimely impressive sky scenery which the clouds form and reform, compose and dissipate, a thousand times on a summer day. The mystery, the terror, and the music of the sea; the secret and subduing charm of the woods, so full of healing for the spent mind or the restless spirit; the majesty of the hills, holding in their recesses the secrets of light and atmosphere; the infinite variety of landscape, never imitative or repetitious, but always appealing to the imagination with some fresh and unsuspected loveliness; - who feels the full power of thesemarvelous resources for the enrichment of life, or takes from them all the health, delight, andenrichment they have to bestow?
  从地球上人类出现开始,人与自然之间的密切关系也随之诞 生,而且这种关系每一世纪都比以前变得更为明智而深 远。因此,我们求助于自然,并把自然视为人类的最年长和最有 影响力的老师。从某一种观点来看,自然曾经一度是我们的监 工,现在却变为我们的奴仆。但从另一种观点来看,自然一直是 我们的最忠实的朋友、导师和启发者。这种和谐紧密的关系,如 果仅仅是少数人的特权,而大多数人并不能享有,那便会在人们心目中引发一种神秘和情趣。但是事实上,这种亲密关系是被 天下所有的人共同享有的,这就使得这和谐紧密的关系失去神 秘感和情趣。对于少数人来讲,这种关系在每个时代都充满了奇妙和美好;对于多数人来讲,这种关系只是理所当然的一件 事。天空照耀着每一个人,但是只有在少数人的心目中具有一 种变化多端的壮丽,他们在每一个午夜的`天空都能看到一种蕴 含着创造性的能力的庄严肃穆之美,无论那种景象重复多少次, 都不会使那种美模糊不清。如果星辰一千年才照耀一次大地, 人们将怀着敬畏尊崇的心情凝视那种美景,而那种美景如果夜 夜在全世界的上空出现,不但不会减损,反而更为增加它的奇 妙。同样,基于相同的原因,我们对于夏曰天空的那种由浮云聚 散飘忽所形成的一曰之间千变万化的纤巧秀丽或壮丽动人的景 色,也都漠然置之。海洋的神秘、恐怖和韵律,有助于医疗疲惫 心灵和烦躁精神的森林所具有的奥妙和慑人魂魄的麂力;在其 幽深之处保有光与大气之奥秘的山峦所呈现的庄严肃穆之美; 从不模仿或重复、永远以一种出人意料的新鲜的美丽来冲击人 类想像力的风景变幻无穷――谁能感受到这些奇异景物的全部 力量,或者能从它们那里得到它们所赐予的健康、快乐和丰美呢?



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